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Product Description:

This machine is a new high-power ultrasonic transducer (digital) driver developed by our company. Embedded system is used as the control core, and high-power M05 tube is used as output drive, with high precision, more prevention of external interference and stable operation.

Besides the requirements of high reliability, long life, input and output characteristics, high insulation safety, electromagnetic compatibility and noise tolerance of general electronic products. The ultrasonic driver is designed for the functions of power regulation, frequency sweep, frequency automatic tracking, alarm, timing, temperature control, remote control and so on.

we are a manufacturer with complete specifications. You can directly contact customer service for consultation or call us. Please try your best to tell us the detailed parameters and power parameters of the product. We will help you recommend the most suitable model. Please order special power and parameters. Proposed separately.

Power (W):2000W / 3000W

Frequency (hz) :20KHZ / 28KHZ / 40KHZ

Product Parameters:

Adjustable output rate: the output power can be adjusted smoothly and linearly from 20% to 100%

Sweep frequency: different sweep frequency can be set, and the sweep width is 20% ~ 100%

Alarm: over current, overheat alarm, output under power alarm, output open circuit alarm, output frequency drift alarm, remote control communication timeout alarm

Timing: the ultrasonic generator can be set to work regularly,

Temperature control (optional): collect the temperature of the ultrasonic tank, control the heater through the relay, and maintain the tank temperature at the set temperature ± Change in the range of 2 ºC

Energy control: control the constant power output of ultrasonic transducer;

It can display frequency, power and corresponding state when working;

Separate excitation circuit board structure;

The ultrasonic output power can be adjusted continuously and steplessly in the range of 10 ~ 100%;

LED display, can directly grasp the size of ultrasonic output power.

After Sales Service:

In order to ensure that the customer can fully operate the machine, if the customer needs, we can help the customer to conduct training, including:

  1. Online video call service support
  2. Correct maintenance method
  3. Video tutorial support
  4. Eliminate simple problems
  5. Correct operation mode

All equipment of our company has been widely used in the field of electroplating.

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