Organic waste gases treatment equipment

Product Description:

Organic waste gases treatment equipment is a purifying treatment organic waste gases depurator by activated charcoal, which comprises cabinet, absorption unit, and couple with tube and blower to constitute purification system. It uses high performance activated charcoal to absorb organic waste gases that is separated from other substances to purify air. It is widely applied to govern large wind flow of low density organic waste gases containing benzenes, phenols, esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ketone, ether and so on. Also it can be applied to purify organic waste gases in spray painting and brushing workshops in electronics, chemical engineering, light industry, rubber, machinery, ship, automotive, petroleum industries. Furthermore, it can be used in shoe making glues, chemical engineering plastics, oil printing, cable, lacquered wire flow production line and so on, which the purification ratio can reach above 95%.



Frame Structure Materials Q235 Steel
Tower Materials 6mm thickness PP
Tower Size Φ4000*5000mm
Main Wind Pipe Φ700mm, 6mm thickness PP
Blower Power 15 KW
Water Pump Power 4 KW



● Chemical Industry

● Electronics

● Plastics

● Machinery

● Ship

● Automotive Industry

● Petroleum Industry


Our Advantages:

● We use imported materials and parts that have high quality, high reliability and high durability.

● We have about 20 years experiences in designing and producing electroplating equipment, which allow us to provide a whole solution about automated or semi-automated production line for customers.

● The price of our equipment is competitive and affordable.

● We provide staff training about operating our equipment.

● We provide 1 year maintenance service for free and ongoing service and support.

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