Automatic Gantry Barrel Plating Production Line, Zinc Plating Machine Automatic Barrel Electroplating Production Line

Product Description:

Automatic gantry barrel plating production line can switch to automatic or semi-automatic mode. It is designed scientifically, reasonable, high degree of automation. The equipment uses human-machine interface to control, which can monitor and save the various data and running situation.

Frame Structure Materials Q235 Steel
Groove Materials PP Wall, U Type Steel Strengthen Frame, PP Surface
Controller Mitsubishi PLC
Human-Machine Interface 10 Inch Color Monitor
Hook Load Capacity 500 Kg/hang
Inlet Pipe Φ50mm PVC Pipe, 4mm thickness, 1.6Mpa
Outlet Pipe Φ75mm PVC Pipe, 5mm thickness, 1.6Mpa


  1. Hardware
  2. Machine Parts
  3. Automotive Parts
  4. Motorbike Parts
  5. Medical Appliance

Product Parameters:

  1. We use imported materials and parts that have high quality, high reliability and high durability.
  2. We have about 20 years experiences in designing and producing electroplating equipment, which allow us to provide a whole solution about automated or semi-automated production line for customers.
  3. The price of our equipment is competitive and affordable.
  4. We provide staff training about operating our equipment.
  5. We provide free and paid continuous service and support.

Installation Instructions:

Since professional equipment requires installation and commissioning by personnel with installation experience, we have fully considered the convenience of equipment installation and commissioning from the design and manufacturing, so as to facilitate the construction of production lines by local technicians. If you do not have the right personnel, although we can produce the production line, you can assign your personnel to our factory for training to ensure that the purchased production line is successfully completed and put into production locally. At the same time, our engineers can analyze and eliminate general faults in the installation and production process through international live video broadcasting. If you cannot find the right person, you can let our engineers and installers take care of the whole process. The cost is negotiated and determined by both parties.

After Sales Service:

In order to ensure that the customer can fully operate the machine, if the customer needs, we can help the customer to conduct training, including:

  1. Correct operation mode
  2. Correct maintenance method
  3. Eliminate simple problems
  4. Video tutorial

All of our company’s equipment has been widely used in the field of electroplating.
We are responsible for training and assign engineers to be responsible for on-site installation guidance.
You can also arrange for personnel to come to our side to learn the operation of the electroplating line in advance.

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