Automatic circular vertical electroplating production line

Product Description:

Automatic circular vertical electroplating production line is suitable for producing identical process and large yield products. It has the following features:

● Liquid grooves are aligned in circle, driven by machinery or hydraumatic, continuously run in full load, and have high production efficiency.

● PLC programs controller and imported proximity switch are used,  which is easy to operate, accurate, running stable, functions reliable.

● Suitable for plating copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, bronze, silver, etc surface treatment process.

● Pitch time can be adjusted larger than 28 seconds, which runs operation cycle shortly, produce large yield, and mainly applied to hardware, plastics, automotive parts and motorcycle parts products electroplating.

● The equipment contains buffer devices, which is used to make the piece fastened.



Frame Structure Materials Q235 Steel
Groove Materials PP Wall, U Type Steel Strengthen Frame, PP Surface
Controller Mitsubishi PLC
Human-Machine Interface 10 Inch Color Monitor
Hook Load Capacity 50 Kg/hang
Inlet Pipe Φ50mm PVC Pipe, 4mm thickness, 1.6Mpa
Outlet Pipe Φ75mm PVC Pipe, 5mm thickness, 1.6Mpa



● Hardware

● Machine Parts

● Automotive Parts

● Motorbike Parts

● Medical Appliance


Our Advantages:

● We use imported materials and parts that have high quality, high reliability and high durability.

● We have about 20 years experiences in designing and producing electroplating equipment, which allow us to provide a whole solution about automated or semi-automated production line for customers.

● The price of our equipment is competitive and affordable.

● We provide staff training about operating our equipment.

● We provide 1 year maintenance service for free and ongoing service and support.

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